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In-Store Products


Food & Snacks

We have a great selection! It's the kind of place you really like to find close to your hotel when on vacation, close to where you work, or even better close to where you live. Besides the fast, friendly, fresh-made selection of Italian takeout we also have frozen foods, 3/4lb. and 3lb. sticks of Salame, Cheese & Crackers, Sunflower Seeds, Nuts, Beef Jerky, Candy, Donuts, Chips, Salsa, Dip, and coolers with ice if you need to keep it all cold. Did I forget Ice Cream - who forgets ice-cream?


The beverage selection is enormous with all the name brand soda, tea, energy drinks, water, and sparkling flavored waters. We run regular specials on Milk. We also carry a few Italian imports including bottled water, Sparkiling Water and Tea. Other items include Bar Mixers of many sorts not leaving out the basics Soda Water & Tonic Water. 

Olives & Pickled Vegetables

We private label products that are made of only of the finest ingredients and best flavors.  Val’s features some of the tastiest stuffed olives, dipping oils, pickled asparagus, green beans, and cauliflower/vegetable mix. Our stuffed Olives are "fancy-packed" making them look very nice in the bottle and taste even better. They're stuffed with Pimento, Garlic, Blue Cheese, Habanero, Jalapeno, Onion, Turkish Red Peppers, Pimento & Vermouth, Almonds, Mushrooms, and Anchovy.


The old fashioned term, commonly referred to as Liquor. It's no secret, we sell it! This section of our site as well as the Beer & Wine sections of course are reserved for those that are 21 years of age or older. We carry all sizes from the "airplane bottle" 50ml. to the 1.75ltr. Our selection features a large Vodka "set", Brandy, Gin, Scotch, Liqueurs, Rum, and Canadian, Blend and Straight Whiskey's as well as a newly updated and expanded Tequila section. We also have cold pre-mixed coctails and coctail mixers.


We carry economy beer and have a fantastic Import & Micro selection. Micro-beers are sold in 20-24oz. bottles as well as six-packs and sometime twelve-packes. We carry all of the major market leading Beers as well in six-packs, twelve packs and larger packages. 


The tobacco selection includes everyday brand cigarettes, specialty cigarettes, quality and economical cigars, rolling papers and wraps, as well as those items complimentary to smoking like Lighters, Gas & Fuel, Flints, Pipe Screens, old fashioned corn-cob pipes, and pipe cleaners.


This is a smaller section of our store but covers the basics you may need. We carry the small sizes of Asprin, Ibuprofen, Cold Medicine, and other Flu & Allergy Relief Medicines.  We have Batteries, Flash Lights, and Phone Chargers while also stocking Paper Products  & Toiletries. 

Specialty Products & Gifts

Val's is also a great place to shop for Specialty Products like Flasks, Bar Sets, Wine Glasses (glass and plastic), Shot Glasses, Wine Bottle Openers, Gift Wine Bags,  Novelty Lighters, Lighter Fluid and a few other fun and useful products we stir up!