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Welcome to Val's Liquors


Val's is a Wine, Liquor, Tobacco, Convenience, Sundries, Snack, Beverage, Italian Take-Out, Picnic Supply, and more Store!

Now offering 300 or more wines consiting of primarily California, Domestic and Napa Wine we also include imported wine from favored growing regions in Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Chile, France, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Visit and choose from a selection of domestic and imported beer and spirits as well. Many varieties of cigarettes, cigars and tobacco products are available including convenience items like batteries, pet food, jerky, nuts, chips, dips, candy and more.

Other Specialty Items include stuffed Spanish olives, Italian olives, oils, vinegars, Italian pastries and other jarred products including spiced green beans, garlic, onions, and cherries.  All perfect for parties, get togethers and/or munching alone!

Non-alcoholic beverages including, energy drinks, soda, milk, juices, tea, water and flavored waters are also available. 

Val's is the distributor for "Clemente's" famous Malfatti and authentic Italian take out; offering affordably priced food for home, a picnic, hotel room stays, parties, luncheons, office get togethers, large banquets and catered events. The combination of everything offered makes Val's a great place to stop.

Located in the south-west corner of downtown Napa, our proximity is walking distance to many of the hotels, bed & breakfasts and boutique lodging available in what is now becoming a beautifully renovated downtown and waterfront area.